Disappearance of bhajan due to acute austerities

18 11 2012

Sri Kuladananda Brahmachari

I have heard that all conditions such as good or bad, pleasure or pain are always changing. I do not know how long this rare state of realizing  Thakur’s  grace is going to last in my fate. There is no certainty as to which day and which time and on what basis it will go away. Therefore let me engage myself heart and soul in worshipping as long as Thakur kindly keeps me in this condition. Driven by the anxiety, lest the auspicious moment passes by, I kept myself engaged wholeheartedly in ardent spiritual practice day and night. With the extraordinary influence of the land of yogis, my desire for intense spiritual practice kept growing day by day. I resorted to severe austerities. I started having one meal a day without taking even a handful of water from sunrise to sunset. I have so far taken boiled pulses with its husk, some other times I have taken fresh juicy ends of known and unknown creepers along with fifty grams of atta and salt. This gave good strength and freshness to my body. I have experienced enthusiasm, zeal, vigour and spiritedness all the time because of this. Now kneading less than fifty grams of atta in my hand and pressing it between my palms I drop it into the dhuni, press it into the ash and cover it with hot charcoal, I find it to have swollen into a beautiful ’kachuri’ when I pick it up after half an hour. I take prasad after offering it to Thakur along with salt and chilli. Be it for acute hunger or by Thakur’s grace, I eat with great satisfaction. Yet I am not satisfied with this austerity.

I have become very weak since some days. I am unable to get up from my asan in time and complete ablutions, bath and other rituals. I pant for breath on fetching one pitcher full of water from the Ganga, which is at a distance of one minute. I need to rest twice or thrice on the way. I cannot sit on the asan for a long time. At times I spend time lying down, my stomach burns due to hunger. On the other hand I find it difficult even to move my limbs due to tiredness. I feel like crying loudly. My tendency for tapasya, desire for austerity is not abetting even in this condition. Thakur had said,“The health must first be protected before all religious actions.” Days and nights are spent just bemoaning when the health is  unwell. I find that I cannot ignore physical pain at all. How am I to engage in spiritual practice? I had thought of getting rid of physical morbidity by stopping the intake of all sorts of sappy things. But I now find myself in danger due to extreme audacity. Seeing my miserable state, the sadhus are saying to me —’Knowing very well about the things that breakdown your health, you are doing just that. This is tantamount to committing suicide’. I am now lamenting the fact that I would have been immersed in Thakur’s naam day and night had there been no physical suffering. Being plunged into this crisis, I realised this clearly that in order to attain dharma, I have arrived exactly at that state where those sheltered by Guru, arrive at when they travel in the direction of their own wish. Thakur! Have mercy on me. Even performance of supreme dharma means to be adharma, when it is done without your order or without understanding your wish. I will eat dal and vegetables and satiate my hunger. I will get some milk also from Atmananda. My core dharma at this moment seems to be to keep my body fit and well. I resolved to give up extra austerity and follow Thakur’s instructions from tomorrow.

~Sri Sri Sadguru Sanga–For more information please visit http://www.gosaiji.com




4 responses

4 04 2014

Pranam Maharaj,

This is the first time I am reading your blog. I hit on when searching for Babla, Santipur. What concerns me is there is no update after November 12.

Hope everything is alright.


5 04 2014
Sakhicharan Das

Joy Nitai!

Dear Arindamji, I am touched by your concern. Everything is alright except that I am no longer living in Radha Kunda which was my source of inspiration for the blog. I would like to continue posting on this blog…just have to see if a burst of inspiration arrives.

23 05 2014

Yes, we all miss your posts Sakhicharan Prabhu. Maybe “Remembering Sri RadhaKund” or “Sri RadhaKund in my heart” could be new titles.

25 05 2014
Sakhicharan Das

Joy Nitai!

That is a very nice thing to say Satya Devi…thanks for the encouragement. Though it has been quite a while since I posted anything here I still haven’t given up. I still think that one day inspiration to write more will come.

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