The reason for my absence and the inactivity of my blog.

26 11 2010


Guru and Nitai

I have basically left this blog inactive for a quite a while and I would like to explain why. First off we had to leave the shelter of Radhakund because India changed their visa laws which creates a great deal of trouble for many spiritualists who come there to practice their sadhanas and lead a spiritual lifestyle. Every six months I am forced to leave the country for two months before I am allowed to return. This makes me incur a great deal of extra, unplanned for expenses as well as an insecure feeling–never really feeling like you have any place to call home.

I had came down with a high fever just a short while before we were to return to Radhakund. Upon diagnoses it was discovered that I had Acute AML Leukemia. I was told that I needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately or I faced near certain death in a short period of time. I was so sick that I agreed as it seemed to be my only option. The same day they had started me on a course of chemotherapy. I was hospitalized for over a month before the doctor thought I could be released. In another week I will be admitted again for another course of chemotherapy. This whole time I have been in Bangkok, Thailand.

I really don’t like leaving my blog inactive for so long and though Radhakund is my main source of inspiration, and all my resource materials are far from my reach, I will try to do my best to add some new posts.

I have posted a few things on another website and I believe I will begin by cross-posting  those things here first before seeking new material to post.

I thank whatever readers I have for their patience and to please forgive me for my lack of maintaining my blog.

Nabadwip Panch tattva making this information available to the suffering souls who have had no contact with Hari Nam nor with the contact of the Vaisnavas.


Jai Nitai! Jai Guru!