Dada Mosai and Natua Gora

9 05 2009

Jai Sacinandan! Jai Gaura Hari!
Bishnupriya Prananath Nadiyabihari!

In The Life of Love Dada Mosai (Sri Radharaman Charan Das Dev Babaji Maharaj) mentions that whenever he thinks of Mahaprabhu in his mind He looks just like Natua Gora that is worshipped at Hari Sabha in Nabadwip. I took the following pictures on Gaura Purnima 2009. The image of Dada Mosai was taken at his purna samadhi at Samaj Bari and Natua Gora at Hari Sabha, about a ten minute walk away.


Tarapith at Rampurhat – Jai Ma Tara!

7 05 2009

While in Nabadwip last March I had a desire to visit Sri Khanda. My gurubhai, Raghunath Da decided to arrange a day trip in which we could visit many places. We went to Katwa, Jajigram, Sri Khanda, Ekacakra, and on the way home we stopped at Rampurhat in Birbhum district which is where Tarapith is located. There Tara Ma is situated in her mandir on the banks of the Dvarka river. The temple was originally built by Vasistha, but due to the passage of time it was lost. A merchant named Joybroto was instructed by Tara Ma in a dream to build a shrine for her. This Ma Tara has two hands, is garlanded by snakes and is wearing sacred threads. Shiva is lying in her lap and sucking her left breast. The story goes that in order to alleviate the pain and buring from drinking poison to save the earth, Tara is feeding him her breast milk. Tarapith is a maha-shakti pith. There are 52 such shaktipiths in India.

The story of the shaktipiths goes as follows…Daksa was going to perform a sacrifice and invited everyone except Shiva and his wife Sati. Sati was the daughter of Daksa and he was angry at Shiva because he didn’t like that his daughter married a “yogi.” She had expressed her desire to attend to Shiva who had tried his best to dissuade her from going. Shiva eventually allowed her to go escorted by his ganas. But Sati, being an uninvited guest, was not given any respect. Furthermore, Daksha insulted Shiva. Sati was unable to bear her father’s insults toward her husband, so she committed suicide by jumping into the yagna fire. When Shiva heard about the death of his wife he became very distraught and immediately went there. He placed the body of Sati on his shoulder and in great anger he began the Pralaya Tandava, the dance of destruction. To save the worlds from destruction the demi-gods appealed to Vishnu for help. Understanding the situation, Vishnu called upon His Sudarshan Cakra and cut the body of Sati into 52 pieces. This caused Shiva to settle down and thus the worlds were saved. The various pieces of her body fell at several spots all through India and formed sites which are known as shaktipithas.

Before Sati was given permission by Shiva to attend the sacrifice her and Shiva had some strong difference of opinion. She was furious that he forbade her to go and Shiva wanted to get up and leave her to her anger, but in whatever direction he turned Sati would appear before him standing in peculiar and strange forms, and thus all the ten directions were enveloped by ten surprisingly novel manifestations. These ten forms are known as Dasa Mahavidya. Tara is one of these manifestations of Maha-Kali, Maha-shakti representing, among other things, ten super-psychological sentiments (rasa).

Darshan of Tara Ma was a very powerful experience as one would expect because a shaktipith is a spiritually rich and energizing location. Tara is the deity of karuna, compassion…the rescuer. When helpless jivas of Kali yuga are drowned in an ocean of worldly misery, she extends her hands to them.

I wasn’t allowed to take any photos in the Mandir and unfortunately didn’t think to buy any from the street vendors so I am posting images that I found online that most looked like her the way I remember her. There was a well-known unorthodox tantric guru of Tarapith named Bamakhepa. You can find an article on his life at the following address.

Babaji Maharaj and Sri Krishnaprem at Munger

4 05 2009

The following is taken from a booklet titled, His Divine Grace – A brief life history of Sripad Ramdas Babaji Mahasay. It is distributed by Sri Nityananda Janmasthan.

In 1932 Babaji Maharaj (Sripad Ramdas Babaji Maharaj) was in Munger to attend a conference of Vaisnavas. The conference began December 29. Babaji Maharaj was there on invitation from Maharaj Raghu Nandan Prasad Singh. Also present was Sri Krishnaprem, who prior to diksha from Yasoda Ma, was known as Ronald H. Nixon.
About noontime on the first day of the conference, Sri Krishnaprem delivered a lecture on Sri Siksastakam in the presence of about 10,000 devotees. The next day he came to Babaji Maharaj for darshan, and instantly Krishnaprem fell at Babaji Maharaj’s feet and his face flushed red for some time.
The same evening Sri Krishnaprem delivered a lecture on Bhakti Dharma in the Garrett Club in the presence of 10-12,000 devotees. Babaji Maharaj was also present and was much satisfied to hear his lecture.
On December 31, 1932, the last day of the conference, Babaji Maharaj came to know that Sri Krishnaprem was deeply engrossed in Nam Kirtan. Babaji Maharaj opened the window of his room and saw him chanting Mahamantra while playing karatal. Tears were flowing down the cheeks of Sri Krishnaprem and his body was trembling. Krishnaprem noticed Babaji Maharaj watching from his window and made a dandavat to him from there. Babaji Maharaj returned the dandavat and told all the people in his room that not much can be expected from the people of our country. People would believe foreigners. One must be born in a foreign land. This was His wish, otherwise how could such things happen? Babaji Maharaj then said, “Seeing him one enjoys the all encompassing mercy of Sri Nitaichand and one is reminded of Mahaprabhu’s saying –

prthivite jata Ache nagarAdi grAm
sarbatra pracAr hoibe mora nAm

Radhakund/Shyamkund Samskar continued…

2 05 2009

Jai Radhey! For the last several days there has been no water pumped from Radhakund…the focus is now on Shyamkund.