Cleaning Manasi Ganga

20 04 2010

Recently the cleaning of Manasi Ganga began. I was unaware of it and quite surprised to see the work going on when I went there for a snana. These images are all from March 27th taken from the southern bank. Soon I will return and get some updated photos. By tradition Manasi Ganga is the place where pilgrims begin and end there parikrama of Sri Giriraj Govardhan. Briefly, I will retell the story about the appearance of Manasi Ganga.

Nanda Maharaj, Yasoda Ma, and many others decided to go on pilgrimage to take bath in the Ganga. On the way they stopped to spend the night in Govardhan. Krishna began to think, ” All of the holy rivers are present here in My Braja, but alas the Brajabasis do not understand this. Let me show them.” As soon as Krishna thought in this way Mother Ganga appeared in person before Him and everyone else. The Brajabasis were extremely surprised to see her there. Krishna told them, “All of the holy rivers in the three worlds are present in Brajabhumi because they wish to do the seva of Brajabhumi. Because you were all going to leave Braja to bathe in the Ganga she has mercifully appeared before you, therefore take your bath in her sacred waters. Henceforth this place will be known as Manasi Ganga.” This took place during the night of the new moon in Kartik Masa. Mother Ganga appeared from the mind of Sri Krishna.