a quote from Yogi Sri Krishnaprem

10 07 2009

Jai Nitai!

Sri Krishnaprem is very learned and wonderfully adept at expressing difficult concepts in writing. Here is a nice quote that I came across this morning from page 207. This is from a letter written to Dilip Kumar Roy.

“You say you find it hard to go on. That is a good sign. This path is the hardest path in the world and as long as we find it easy we may be sure we are not getting very far but free-wheeling easily along a level road. Oh yes, we may be happy and peaceful for a time but that happiness or peace is illusory: anything can disturb it and we achieve nothing. His peace is something quite different, something that has its being in the very heart of tremendous winds, winds which would shatter us to atoms. It is only when the strain begins to tell on us, when the breath comes short, that we can know that we are really climbing. Till then all that we have done at most is to go over rapidly the ground we covered in a previous life. This life begins when the strain comes on–scarcely before. There is no attainment of Him until the egg-shell of self is broken. Why should we complain when the breaking strain begins to come on? With pain we are born physically and spiritutally, but it is the inner life that we seek and not the self-enwrapped bliss of uterine existence.”


Krishna and the Guru are one, but…

26 08 2008

Sri Srimad 108 Hridayananda Das Babaji Maharaj

Sri Gurupremanande Nitai Gaura Haribol!

(Bhaja) Nitai Gaura Radhey Shyam (Japa) Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Vaisnava carane dandabat.  Welcome to our new blog!

I had a desire that the first post in this blog be in glorification of our beloved Gurudev, Kirttanacharya Sri Srimad 108 Hridayananda Das Babaji Maharaj.  I was straightening up my room this morning and came across the book Yogi Sri Krishnaprem by Dilip Kumar Raya.  While thumbing through it I found this quote which I always loved and felt inspired to use it in the first post.

From a letter Sri Krishnaprem wrote to Dilip Kumar Raya dated September 29, 1945

“My Dear Dilip,

I will tell you what is written in burning letters of fire in my heart that carry their own guarantee of truth:

Krishna and the Guru are one, but if I leave Him, Krishna may leave me–at least He may smile His inscrutable (the samo ‘haM sarva-bhUteSu) smile and say, “Well if you don’t care for Me then I don’t care for you either–at least not more than I care for the louse on a monkey’s backside.”  But my Guru will never leave me whatever I do.  I might leave him, but he would never leave me.  I may fall from the Path, and return to the flesh-pots and wallow in their filthy slops for five lives or fifty lives.  I may blaspheme the Sacred Stone within my heart and die cursing God and man–all this and more I may do, but he will never leave my side.  Each separate folly of mine will be a stab of sorrow in the heart of he who is sorrowless, but he will never turn away his face nor cease from trying to assuage the pains that I suffer from my own foolish acts.  Never, never will he leave my side nor cease to guide my steps until I stand in that eternal Braja where he stands now.  God-forsaken and man-forsaken I may be, but Guru-forsaken, never.”

Jai Guru! Sri Guru! Jai Guru! Sri Guru! Jai Guru! Sri Guru!