Manasi Devi and Chakalesvara Mahadeva Mandir

21 05 2010

Jai Nitai!

As I was taking photos of the project of cleaning the Manasi Ganga  I also took darshan and photos at a number of other mandirs as well. For now I will post the photos I took at Manasi Devi Mandir and the Chakalesvara Mahadeva Mandir.

Manasi Devi is the the Goddess that supervises and controls the Manasi Ganga area. There are four Devis in Braj Mandal that are considered by many as the most prominent. Manasi Devi on the bank of Brahma Kund  in Govardhan,  Yogamaya Devi (zrI pAtala devI) adjacent to the Govinda Ji Mandir in Brindavan, Paurnamasi Devi near Seva Kunj in Brindavan, and Vrinda Devi in Kamyavan.

The Chakalesvara Mahadeva Mandir and the immediate surrounding area is known as Chakra Tirtha. It is said that Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra is embedded in the northern bank of Manasi Ganga. The Chakra was being used at the time to protect the Brajabasis from the deluge created by Indra at the time when Krishna was holding up the entire Govardhan Parvat.

Chakalesvara Mahadeva Mandir contains a group of five lingas and a beautiful Sri Murti of Nandi sitting and facing the main shrine. This is one of the main Mahadeva Mandirs that are protecting Braja Mandal. The other ones being, Gopesvara in Brindavan, Kundesvara in Radhakund, Bhutesvara in Mathura, Nandesvara in Nanda Gaon and Kamesvara in Kamyavan.


Trip to Javat, Nandagaon, and Barsana with the Path Bari vasis

8 11 2009

Jai Nitai!

On Oct. 27, 09 the Path Bari vasis as well as the yatris that accompanied them from Bengal took a day trip to have darshan at Javat, Nandagaon, and Barsana.  We had some very ecstatic kirtan and dancing at Sri Ji Mandir, but cameras are forbidden so I was unable to take photos of that. We took our lunch at Sripad Vishvambhara Das Babaji’s Nitai Gaura Mandir on the edge of town in Barsana. It was delightful to see him again after several months and he was a wonderful host and cook. He made all the Vaisnavas feel very happy and satisfied. After leaving Barsana everyone next visited Sri Krishna Janmasthan in Mathura and the day ended with a trip to Dauji Mandir where we had a blissful darshan of our Nitaichand as Krishna’s elder brother, Dauji.