Radha Govinda of Radhakund ~ special day of flower decorations

28 05 2010

Jai Sri Radhey!

Yesterday was Narasingha Chaturdasi in Radhakund and also the day that Radha Govinda Jiu  get some special treatment by being extraordinarily dressed in beautiful and fragrant flowers. I took these photos last night…I am sure Their darshan will bring pleasure to the Vaisnavas viewing this blog.




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22 09 2012
abhaya carana seva das

please accept my humble obeisances all glories to rasika mohan sharma, i went in dwaraka tour with him more then 20 years ago he is my best vrija basi friend,i was looking for his website to get more blessing from a mahatma radhakunda basi as rasika mohan sharma, pls let me know how i can contact him, your servant,abhaya carana seva das dandavats

22 09 2012
Sakhicharan Das

Joy Nitai!

He was staying at Rajbari the last time I saw him. I am not in Radhakund at present, but I will send some emails to friends there and if I get any information I will certainly let you know.



22 09 2012
abhaya carana seva das

pranam sakhicharan das agt SRI RADHA KUNDA, thank you for let me know prabhu that rasika mohan sharma is still with us in vapu seva i’m glad to know that i can still get some good satsang at this most sacred place on the planet,the paramatma make me to find this wonderful divine website this morning because want me to keep connect with guru sadhu sastra, i still follow my sadhana bhakti at brahma muhurta time i will come there again when i will get invite through the mercy of good vrija basis,thank you for your association agtys ys a.c seva das haribol

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