Dhulat Festival at Gopinath Mandir, Radhakund

25 05 2010

Jai Radhey!

Last night at Gopinath Mandir the Dhulat Festival took place. The entire floor of the Nat Mandir was covered in clean sand and a roaring kirtan began. There was a lot of dancing, twirling, spinning and of course a lot of the dust thrown in the air and shouts of, “Gaurahari Bol!.”  When the kirtan was complete all the Vaisnavas remove their upper cloth and roll in the dust where the kirtan took place. What ecstasy! Afterwards many would go down to Radhakund for snana.  My photos didn’t come out perfectly because of all the dust but I hope they please the Vaisnavas nevertheless. Towards the end of the kirtan the camera had to be put away to avoid damaging it.




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