Cleaning Manasi Ganga Pt. 2

11 05 2010

I went back to see how the cleaning process was going and found that they are still working at it in full force. A company from Delhi was hired to do the job and they brought in many pieces of heavy equipment to remove all the sludge and gunk from the bottom and haul it away.  From what I understand it is being dumped somewhere between Govardhan and Radhakunda. They are predicting that they will be finished in about two months.




2 responses

21 05 2010

No Haridev Ji?
No Chakleshwar Mahadev??

What gives, man? Need more pix. :)

Radhey Shyam!

21 05 2010
Sakhicharan Das

Actually, I am in the process of making a post about Manasi Devi and Chakalesvar Mahadev Mandir. It should be ready to post within a couple of hours. Haridev Mandir like many other places I went to were not happy about having pictures taken for some reason. All I could manage was a pic of the outside of Haridev Mandir. I had problems getting them to allow me to take photos at Chakalesvar Mandir and the places surrounding it. I did manage to get a fair amount though. Those photos will be shown in some posts in the near future.

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