Radha Kunda photo tour…less frequented locations Pt. 1

23 12 2009

Jai Sri Radhey!

There are dozens of mandirs here at Radha Kunda. Even if you stay at Radha Kunda for a considerable amount of time there will likely be many places that remain unvisited and unexplored. I thought it would be interesting to go to many of these lesser visited mandirs and share the images and information I could obtain. I am posting the images in the order you will encounter them if doing parikrama of Radha and Shyama Kundas, but other than that the mandirs shown in this series are a random selection… I am just entering various mandirs and taking photos as the inspiration hits me. Since it is winter time many of the deities are bundled up in chadars and blankets so you can’t always get a good look at Them. I will probably want to take Their photos again after it warms up.

In the late 1600’s many original deities had to be moved to Jaipur because of Muslim invasions. Radha Kunda was a stopping point on the way.  Replicas of these mandirs were established here at Radha Kunda at that time and the worship has been going on for hundreds of years. These deities are known as pratibhU mUrti and represent the originals and are not to be considered to be different. So you can visit the seven major mandirs of Brindavan here at Radha Kunda.

The first mandir pictured is Radha Ramana.  Along with Radha Raman you will see Balaram and Revati on the altar. Also just to the left of the entrance of this mandir is Mahadeva who is guarding the north side of the kunda. You will also find the carankamala of Sri Radha there. The next two places are found off of parikrama marg by going left down the first road you encounter. There is a mandir of Sri Sri Radha Binodji that are very beautiful and then a little farther down is and what used to be the bhajan kutir of Bhakivinod Thakur and his son Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati. It is called Vraja Swananda Sukada Kunja. Inside you will find some pushpa samadhis and some personal articles of Bhaktivinod. Also there is the first toilet in Radha Kunda. I was told that Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati installed the toilet which was stylish in those days in hopes of getting people to use plumbing and not just go anywhere that was handy. Now if you return to parikrama marg, immediately on your left you will find Bishwambhar Mahaprabhu Mandir.




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24 12 2009

Question is, where did the effluent efflue to?

24 12 2009

Where doesn’t it efflue to? Maybe that should be the subject of your next photo essay, Sakhicharan Ji. :-P

26 03 2010
Radharaman Mandir at Radhakund « Uddharan

[…] a while ago at Radharaman Mandir at Radhakund. A few more pics and info on the mandir can be found here. Sri Radha-Radharaman Closeup of Sri Radharamanji Dauji (Balaram) and Revati Dauji Maharaj salagram […]

13 04 2010
Nick Pritchard

This site is great! Being new to Gaudiya Vaishnavism this site is a treasure trove of new knowledge.
Is there any biographies you could recommend in English on Sri Radharaman Charan Das Dev? I recently bought a copy of The Saints of Bengal by O.B.L. Kapoor and enjoyed the short section on Sri Radharaman Charan Das Dev in it. I would love to read more about him.

20 04 2010
Visakha Dasi

Jai Nitai

Hi Nick, I am not sure if Sakhicharan Ji has gotten around to answering comments these days, but in answer to your question: Sri Radharaman Charan Das Dev’s Bengali biography “Charit Sudha” was translated into English in a condensed version by Dr. OBL Kapoor. The title of the English book is “The Life of Love.” Some used copies are being sold on Amazon.com at the following link:


I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did. It changed my life. :)

Jai Nitai!

20 04 2010
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

Thank you Bisakha for answering Nick’s comment.

And Nick, I apologize for not responding timely. I was not online for about 3 months and only very recently started up my online activities again. There has been a lot of catching up for me to do and I just didn’t manage to answer your query yet.

20 04 2010
Nick Pritchard

Thank you for both of responses!

I just purchased a copy of “The Life of Love” from that Amazon.com link. I’m really looking forward to diving into it.
Any other reading recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Humbly Yours – Nick

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