Lose yourself in Sri Nam

21 10 2009

Nitai Gaura s02The kundalini rises in the yogi by means of asana, mudra, and pranayam. The yogi penetrates each plexus (chakra) one after the other and unites Shakti with Shiva. Streams of nectar flow constantly from that sweet communion. The yogi drinks it and becomes liberated. But if one chants the Maha-mantra without a break, one will not need any yoga. Mother Kundalini will arise on hearing the Name. Chant the Name both day and night. All austerities come with folded hands and place flower-offerings at the feet of the chanter of the Name. Don’t listen to, look at, or think of anything else. Lose yourself in the Name and be blessed. Day after day your life wears off. Chant the Name at all times.




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27 10 2009
Satya devi dasi

Radhe Radhe!

Prabhu, please help me to understand. As Vaisnavas, why would we be concerned with the rising of kundalini and the union of Siva and Sakti? Or, are you saying that this is not something to be concerned with, that it happens automatically with our remembrance of Sri Nam? If it is the latter, is there some advantage for the Vaisnava with the rising of kundalini? Thank you.

Your servant,
Satya devi dasi

4 11 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

Dear Satya Dasi, yes the point to take was that we need not concern ourselves with anything but Nam. I know some of my posts have taken a bit of a yogic turn lately and I hope no one is confused by that. The kundalini rises in a Vaisnava automatically…no “advantage” per se. Here is how I view it. You can turn the key of your ignition, start your car, and away you go, but if you are an automotive technician you can understand what is going on beneath the surface of the simple turning of the key. There are so many things going on in our gross and subtle bodies during our period of sadhana and I find it quite a fascinating study.

5 11 2009
Satya devi dasi

Thank you for such a kind response. Radhe Radhe!

4 11 2009
Brian baba

Leaving aside the pleasant esoteric in these Amrta Vani notes, which would serve as a good starting point for finding out more about shakti, consider the physical aspect: The body must be maintained, or you cannot do your seva. There is no better way to maintain health of the body than by yoga and pranayama. It is also *very* beneficial to chanting of hare krishna.

4 11 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Good points Brian Baba. This bodily vehicle with which we perform our sadhana is actually the property of our gurudeva and a thoughtful Vaisnava will maintain it carefully. I find pranayam and asana are essential for that…after all we are practicing bhakti yoga.

3 09 2012
Gayatri Anuragini

joy nitai

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