Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari’s tirobhav

28 09 2009

Jai Nitai! Jai Jagadbandhu!

Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari

Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari

Today is the disappearance day of Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari. He departed in the year 1999 at the age of 95 at his ashram in Raghunathpur. {actually yesterday was his disappearance day, but due to internet connectivity problems I was unable to post this}

A very brief life sketch:

Sripad Mahanambrata Brahmachari took his birth in the year 1904 in the village of Khalishakota in the Barisal district of Bangladesh and was named Bankim. His father’s name was Kalidas Dasgupta and his mother was known as Kaminisundari Devi. I imagine that most everyone is aware of his scholarship. He started primary school in 1909, but most of his education came by the encouragement of his gurudeva, Sripad Mahendraji. The news that Jagadbandhu Sundar came out of his 17 year seclusion reached the ears of Bankim and was the turning point of his life. He had great  faith in Jagadbandhu and he ran away from home, travelling some 80 miles on foot and managed a darshan of Bandhusundar from a distance. A few months later some internal pulling brought him to the feet of Bandhusundar Prabhu. By the grace of Sripad Mahendraji, who was the main sevak of Prabhu, Bankim got the opportunity to touch and worship the feet of Jagadbandhu Prabhu. Later he heard the painful news of the passing of Prabhu Bandhusundar in 1921.

Bankim’s father passed away in 1922 so he decided to go to Sri Angan, Faridapur the place of Jagadbandhu to become a fully dedicated renunciate sadhu of the Mahanam Sampraday. The guru and founder of the Mahanam Sampraday, Sripad Mahendraji urged Bankim to go back home and pass the Matriculation exam first and then return to become a renunciate. In 1923 he passed his exam and returned to Sri Angan and took initiation from Sripad Mahendraji and was given the name Mahanambrata. Later his guru requested him to study at Rajendra College. It was very difficult to maintain his studies and ashram life. He went through many trials and tribulations, and he managed to pass his B.A. exam in 1928 with honors in Sanskrit. His guru desired that he continued to study and in 1931 he obtained a M.A. in Sanskrit from Calcutta University in 1931. Again, as requested by his guru he studied M.A. in Western Philosophy at Calcutta University and passed his examination. In 1933 while in the middle of awaiting the results of his second M.A. exam, Sripad Mahendraji received an invitation fromt the President of the World Fellowship of Faiths in Chicago, Illinois to send a delegate to represent the Sampraday and deliver speeches. Mahendraji sent Mahanambrata to the U.S.A to preach the gospel and ideals of Jagadbandhu Prabhu.

As one can easily imagine he represented the teachings of Prabhu Bandhusundar beautifully and was a very inspiring speaker delivering four lectures. While in the U.S. he changed his visa to a student visa and enrolled in Chicago University and obtained a Ph.D. in 1937. Afterwards he toured many European countries and delivered hundreds of speeches on Manav dharma, Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy, and the teachings of Prabhu Bandhusundar.

A  section of one of his speeches given abroad:

Now, how to cultivate this universal love? You cannot love the universe unless you love the universal. If you go on loving particulars one after another for an indefinite length of time, you will not be able to love the world as a whole. So, to be non-violent, to be philanthropic, what you are to do is to arrive at the center; so says our Lord. The centre is the Supreme God Himself! we call him ‘Hari’. This word means that the one, like a Great Magnet, attracts the whole universe towards Himself. He is the sum-total of all love. He is the one unity of life, in which we are millions of small units. If we love the sum-total, we shall be able to love everything. With the love of God will come to us the love of everyone in the Universe.
To the vast majority of mankind the body is everything, bodily enjoyment is the alpha and omega of life. This is due to ignorance-the identification of ourselves with the body, which is only an encasement of our real being. When we realise that we are the Spirits-the sons of immortal Bliss, and not slaves of matter, we can easily sacrifice life for the world. When we know that the death of this physical encasement is inevitable, we can make the highest use of it by holding it at the service of all beings. i Behold! For the good of the world at large Lord Nityananda embraced the sinner who caused his I bloodshed and then He turned the sinner into a saint. It was for the good of sinners that Jesus Christ embraced the cross. For the good of humanity Mahatma Gandhi is starving for days together with a smiling face.

When we think ourselves disconnected from the universe, we become selfish and our love becomes particularised and narrowed. But when our heart is purified and filled to the brim with the divine nectar of love, we find Him in every- thing. Men are then seen not as men but as the manifestations of God; animals are seen not as animals but as manifestations of God; even the tiger is not seen as a tiger but as a manifestation of God. Then and then only we cannot hurt anyone; we become non-violent. Then all created beings become our family; the whole, world becomes our country. The whole of nature becomes our church, the mother earth its floor And the high vault of heaven its roof. It here where non- violence culminates. It is here where stood Lord Nityananda, the Great deliverer; Jesus Christ, the real Saviour; Mahatma Gandhi, the true lover of humanity.

Now, how to attain this intense love towards the Supreme Being, which is the true source of real life? Lord Gouranga preached that this Universe is the manifestation of Absolute Love. It is a rush from One to manifoldness. When I the Universal consciousness arose the thought current, ‘I am One-I wish to be Many,” He manifested Himself in two aspects; first the Name-the World; then the Form-the World. This sensible universe is the Form and behind, is stands the Eternal Word-“Hari,” which is the matrix of all ideas and forms. So we can reach Him only through the medium of the Great sound manifestation-the hallowed Name. When frequently repeated the vibrations purify the atmosphere, illuminate the mind and fill in and out with the ecstasy of Bliss. Lord Gouranga reached this infinite potency of the Name of Hari. Shout “Hari Hari” or “Haribole” (say Hari) and the vibration will thrill through all hearers and change them into pious devotees. Chant the hallowed Name day and night and be non- violent in thought, word and deed. This is the sum and substance of the holy teachings of Lord Gouranga, the Incarnation of Love, who came down on the holy soil of Bengal some four hundred and fifty years ago. Divine Love assumed body and dwelt with us.

In conclusion, I give you a new message of hope that the time is nigh. The Dark Age is ended. The golden age has already dawned. The New Incarnation of Love has come down on this land of mortals to wipe away all tears from your eyes. There shall be no more poverty, no more sorrow, no more crying, no more craving. The holy city-the new Jerusalem-will soon re-appear on earth, which is prepared as a bride for her long looked-for Eternal Lover-the Supreme Being-“Hari Purusha Jagad-Bandhu”. the New Incarnation of Gouranga Mahaprabhu. Late us all pray:

Oh my beloved Lord! The different paths which we through different tendencies, have taken, let them all lead us to Thy Lotus Feet, just as all different streams, having their source in different places, all mingle their waters in the sea.

May the Blessings of my Beloved Lord be showered upon you all.

He returned to India in 1939 and continued for a while giving speeches as he was accustomed to. Later he travelled in Bengal and delivered Bhagavat path and wrote books. In 1960 he moved into Mahauddharan Math in Calcutta and in 1980 his disciples built him a quieter and more peaceful ashram, Mahanam Angan in Raghunathpur. All this time he wrote more than 50 books and continued to speak and inspire his disciples and followers. In October of 1999 he passed away at the age of 95 and entered nitya-lila. Though his body was quite aged his mind was agile and strong until the very end.  I would recommend visiting for more information.

Jai Sripad Mahanambrata Brahmachari! Jai Jagadbandhu Hari!

Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari's purna samadhi in Raghunathpur

Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari's purna samadhi in Raghunathpur




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28 12 2009
Radhe! Radhe!

I really liked this! Grazie Sakhi!

17 11 2011
manas rakshit

jay jagadbandhu hari……

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