Samba Sada Shiva Kunj ~ Ashram of Sri Haidakhan Wale Baba

18 09 2009

Kanchopi Topa Baba Jai Nitai! While reading a book about Sri Haidakhan Baba last month, I learned that there was an ashram dedicated to him in Brindavan. I immediately became interested to visit the ashram so the following morning off I went to Brindavan for darshan. The ashram is in the vicinity of Lala Babu Mandir.

Haidakhan Baba, who is also known by many other names such as Kanchopi Topa Baba, is considered by many to be the same person as Mahavatar Babaji who initiated Lahiri Mahasay in 1861. This account is quite famous because it is well documented in Paramahamsa Yogananda’s  autobiography. He received the name “Haidakhan Baba” because he was often seen in the Kumaon region of the Himalayan foothills in a village known as Haidakhan. These appearances mainly occurred between 1800-1922.

In the autumn of 1922 Babaji went on Kailash Yatra and on His return stayed at Ashkot
near U.P. – Nepal border as a guest of the king, Shri Karman Singh. After a few days he
told the king that the time had come for him to leave. The king carried the palanquine in
which Babaji was sitting. After a few miles, Babaji sent the king back and continued his
journey with a few attendants of the king and other devotees. When they approached the
junction of the Kali and Gori rivers near the border, in the presence of these people,
Babaji disappeared in the river squatting in Padmasan slowly changing into light form.
Before leaving, he told all that he would reappear again for the benefit of human beings.

In the autumn of 1922 Haidakhan Baba went on Kailash Yatra and when he returned he stayed at Ashkot which is at the border of Nepal and Uttar Pradesh, as the guest of the king, Sri Karman Singh. After a few days he told that the time had come for him to leave. The king carried the palanquin in which Baba was sitting. After they had gone about 4 Km Baba asked the king to return home. Baba continued with just a few devotees. When they got to where the Kali and Gori rivers meet, Babaji entered the waters and slowly changed into a ball of light while sitting in padmasana. Before leaving he said he would reappear for the benefit of humankind.

Mahendra Maharaj

Mahendra Maharaj

After Baba’s disappearance a siddha yogi named Mahendra Baba began to preach about him. When Mahendra was 5 years old a yogi came to him and gave him a prasadi laddu. He was very attracted to that yogi and always prayed to him. When he got older he left home in search of this yogi, but his parents searched for him and dragged him back home. After he graduated he again went in search of this yogi. He underwent many hardships to find him. During his travels he received a divine message that he should go to Almora and look for him there. In 1949 in Almora he saw some photos of a Mahatma and recognized them as the same person that he had considered to be his guru all these years. He was told his name was Haidakhan Baba and he had an ashram named Siddhashram. When he went to the ashram Babaji wasn’t there so he locked himself in a room with a vow that until he meets Haidakhan Baba he would not come out of his yogic posture. Baba appeared to him and gave him guidance and blessings for his future work. Mahendra Baba then came to Brindavan and established an ashram called, “Samba Sada Shiva Kunj.” Soon many disciples gathered around him, including all the former disciples of Haidakhan Baba.  Mahendra Maharaj was known for his strict discipline with his disciples and for his yogic siddhis. He referred to himself as “Charanashrita Baba”, a servant of Haidakhan Baba. He told everyone that Haidakhan Baba will reappear. He  said that Haidakhan Baba is Sada Shiva Himself.

Mahendra Maharaj, developed both Haidakhan Ashrams. He built a small temple in Kathgaria Ashram and installed Babaji’s murti. On the previous night of installation day in 1957, four days after Shiv Ratri, over a thousand devotees had gathered in the Katgharia Ashram and were doing continuous prayer throughout the night. Around midnight a divine jyoti appeared in center of the devotees and stood still a few feet above ground. From this light Babaji gave darshan in his physical form wearing a kurta and topa which had previously been his favorite form of dressing . After giving darshan for a couple of minutes this light entered into the murti which was to be installed the next day. After the installation ceremony, selected devotees who were permitted by Mahendra Maharaj to touch the murti could actually feel the heart of the murti was beating.

Presently, this murti is installed in the Brindavan ashram. Every year this installation day is celebrated in Brindavan. Mahendra Maharaj performed many miracles, which he always insisted were due to the blessings of Haidakhan Baba. Illiterate people became highly learned scholars and composers, devotees who were on their death bed were brought back to life, poor people became wealthy, and childless couples begot children.

For many years Mahendra Baba preached that Haidakhan Baba would return to transform this world. He described what he would look like and said he would appear in 1970. Mahendra Maharaj entered mahasamadhi in 1969. When his body was being carried in the procession to the cremation ground, thousands of devotees were shedding tears. At that time the hand of the body lifted itself and blessed all the devotees. This sight is even now remembered by some residents of Brindavan.

Sri Haidakhan Baba 1970-1984

Sri Haidakhan Baba 1970-1984

In 1970  Babaji appeared in a cave, that has been considered holy for thousands of years, at the foot of the Kumaon Mount Kailash, across the sacred Gautama Ganga opposite a remote village called Haidakhan. He had no known parents or family. He appeared as a youth of 18 or 20, yet he displayed great wisdom and divine powers. The Haidakhan villagers sometimes saw him as an old man with a long white beard, as a young man with a long beard, or as a beautiful young man with no beard. Two men who spoke to him at the same time described him differently. He was seen at different places at the same time. He knew the scriptures, yet there is no evidence of his having been educated. He ate almost nothing for months yet his energy was boundless. In September 1970, he climbed to the top of Mount Kailash, seated himself in siddhasana at the small temple there without leaving his seat for 45 days and nights, meditating most of the time, talking occasionally, and started teaching the message that he has brought to the world.

There is so much more to tell about all three of the Haidakhan Babas. It is all very interesting, but I am not going to attempt to present such a huge amount of information in this post. The Haidakhan Baba that appeared in 1970 left this world in 1984. For all those interested in learning more there is a lot of information available online that can easily be found and many books in print as well.

Entrance to Haidakhan Baba's Ashram

Entrance to Haidakhan Baba's Ashram

Sri Murtis of Haidakhan Baba and Mahendra Maharaj

Sri Murtis of Haidakhan Baba and Mahendra Maharaj

Close up of Sri Haidakhan Baba

Close up of Sri Haidakhan Baba

Another murti of Sri Haidakhan Baba at the ashram

Another murti of Sri Haidakhan Baba at the ashram

Haidakhan Baba's asana

Haidakhan Baba's asana




24 responses

19 09 2009

he always amazed me, so there were 3 diffrent babas considered to be the same?
also are some of his disciples in brindavan Vaishnavs?

19 09 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

Well, I called them 3 babas because not everyone agrees that they all are the same person. There is definitely some controversy on this issue. Not everyone believes that Mahamuni Babaji from Yogananda’s book is the same as Haidakhan Baba that people would see in the Kumaon region up until 1922. And this “new” Haidakhan Baba who appeared in 1970 is even more controversial still.

From what I read Mahendra Baba was a Vaisnava and a yogi. When I was at the Ashram I asked to speak to the Mahanta, but he was out travelling so I didn’t really get to speak to any disciples except for one sevak who couldn’t really speak English, but it was his opinion that all three are the same person.

If they are practicing the Kriya yoga as taught by Mahamuni Babaji it is supposedly a “technique” and can be practiced without changing ones prior beliefs. In other words, if you are a Vaisnava, the Kriya teachings are said to not interfere in any way with ones Vaisnavism. Other than of course taking some time that could have been used in practicing Vaisnava sadhana.

I am still not completely sure what I believe in this matter. I will continue to study and hopefully meet some disciples/followers who can explain things to me and clarify my understanding.

11 10 2009
ram dev

haidakhan baba and haidakhan is fake public – created 09/11/09

haidakhan is fake please be aware of such businass
baba left his boby 25year’s ago now. now everry one is doing their business on behalf of baba of the sake of their profit.
the day will come w… more
haidakhan is fake please be aware of such businass
baba left his boby 25year’s ago now. now everry one is doing their business on behalf of baba of the sake of their profit.
the day will come when babaji himself will come on earth to punish those who perform business in his name.
i think that the people who come from europe are all insane because baba is just a wind.the wind will follow you whereever you remember him.
now you tell me that where people sell baba’s photo,his mala and many other things at ten times more price ,why would the power of baba will reside at such place. i think the true power of baba must be in our heart not in haidakhan.
all people who are residing in haidakhan are just concern with money and profit from crazy europeans.i even sometimes laugh at the people who are looted here in haidakhan in the name of baba.whenever you came here ,you would have noticed that no indians come here because they know that there is nothing like baba,its all fake for them.
the truth is that the true mahavatar baba exist today and forever.these people here in order to increase their business renowned the new haidakhandi baba as mahavatar.but mahavatar never take samadhi and never dies.
when kalayug will finish,then only the mahavatar will take new bodies.indians do believe that the new haidakhan baba was just the power of god but he was not the god.when he died the power too went away with him.p reply me please forward this message to every one who have confuse . [hairakhan baba is mahavatar baba.] p protect our mahavatar babaji devotee thank you. please be aware of such businass

19 12 2009
Herman Leusink

Om Namah Shivay

It made me feel a little bit sad reading your words. I hope that one day humanity will broaden its mind. In your eyes I am a crazy european. Paramahansa Yogananda told us to see the presence of the Lord in every one, your generalisation shows that you are still far a way from that outlook.

May all be happy.

Herman Leusink

11 10 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

One thing that struck me is that there is no picture of Mahavatar Babaji at that mandir in Brindavan. It is quite obvious as you say Ramdev that people are cheating and making business in the name of Haidakhan Baba and Mahavatar Babaji.

21 11 2009
Karuna Mohan das

Jay Nitai!
In Spring Time i had to accompany someone from rishikesh to a Ayurveda Clinic at Chillianoula in Kuman Region(near Almora). I was surprised to Find out that the Clinic was in a Haidakhan Baba Ashram…
I decidet to stay 2 Days to see what`s going on there… The most of the People was Western Devoties whit a seriuos Programm. Aratis and seva..they do nam japa (om namah shivay) and they use no Drugs.
In the Temple Shop they had a lot of different Pictures of Baba from different Times, considering that is always the same one… Nobody had to buy something, only by his own will….
A couple of day to my Return to Italy left and i decidet to visit Haidakhan Valley.
Also there was a lot of Western Devoties but also Indian Devoties. I heard that Baba incarnates in different times and forms to help devoties ´till hundrets of years…In the end i had no bad Feeling there. I went at Adi Muont Kailash(the holy Mountain there ) and before leaving to Deli someone was carrying me to take Darshan to Muni Maharaja in Haldwani (a disciple of Haidakhan Whale Baba from the seventies).. I dont know what about the true Babbaji and fake Babaji and so on.. I met people ho seriusly belive in theyr Guru and his Message..
Their jaikar is Bhole Baba ki Jay! so the praise Shiva also if the rest is a fake…
:-) it was interesting to see another sadhana and a good experience…

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare

21 11 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

Dear Karuna Mohan Dasji, thanks again for the wonderful feedback. Somehow Almora keeps coming up…I hope I get the chance to go there someday. It’s very nice to hear that you had a positive experience in those ashrams. Whatever the situation may be with Haidakhan Wale Baba, it’s good to see people getting inspired and performing sadhana.

Jai Bhole Baba!


7 12 2009

jai bhole ki

12 12 2009

“All are MY Missions”

Mahavatar Babaji

24 01 2010

I have passed by this temple so many times in Vrindavan, at yet never went inside….I will surely visit it next time!

4 03 2010

To the devotees of haidakhan of today i humbly request that they must disclose baba’s last will he might have told of time of reappearance in future, the way people link last baba with old ones that he had told he would reappear, as a result of that the last one was incarnated for the good of the people of india and the world. Some in his comment goes on to say that india became independent in foodgrains productions because of last baba’s performing more than hundred yagnas. My dear friend , by this we are ignoring two things ; one, millions of farmers spread all over india toiling in the fields in a scorching sun heat , and in chilly foggy winter ,in showering monsoons days and night. Second the efforts of soverign govt of india’s strenous effort for green revolution for increasing foodgrains. And more,
by this we have minimised the great old mahaavtar babaji by whose call lahiri mahasahay turned a great saint and series of disciples joined each other in the years to come . Such remarks are mindless when we say this, we should not forget that we the people of the today’s india remained constantly under foreign yokes for seven centuries. Donot undermine great saint of Sabarmati and don’t say that he too was the part of haidakhan baba and he instigated or inspired Gandhiji for freedom fight. In our cave or ashram to please babaji’s we simply say this, and this , too easier to say inside whatever we
outpour to get things done . India is land of saints in every ashram such echos can be heard in praise of all the babas by their devotees. If this can be admitted that foodgrains grew because of yagnas in india than what can be attributed to the foodgrain affluency and developedness of USA , UK and China and so on ? Think of sai devotees what might think about him and his omnipotency ! His temples have outnumbered almost every deity of india as on date . The way the offering in shirdi are growing I think we will see a new tirth there .Can you imagine . Everypart of india saitemples mushrooming and, so are the devotees. Ultimately my question is still there who will be next after last haidakhan baba appear ? If you,ve got the answer than let it pop up for people like we. Please disclose that as adharma is growing and geeta says lord comes every now and then to crush devils and reset righteousness on earth.

11 04 2010

Hi there,
We all know about the dangers of E-mail. So let’s make it clear: This is not an advertisement. I do not want money, I have all I need. In fact, this E-mail is meant to give you presents. I want to give you motivation, support you in what you are doing. And I want to give you music, art and information. First of all I want to tell you ,things are not going to stay the way they are now. Within the next few years people are going to get really tired of lies, wars and criminals posing as respectable people. After realizing the nonsense and uselessness of what is normal today, people will return to the spiritual way of living. Today those who tell lies are respected and those of us proclaiming the truth are seen as strange. But this is going to turn around, it will still take some years though. These things happen in waves, this means: As a reaction to the second world war an enormous spiritual enthusiasm awakened in the 70’s and early 80’s. So much so, it became unrealistic. That gave rise to today’s era of deception. The response of this in turn will be the cause for a renewed and very realistic form of spirituality.
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With friendly greetings from Rob (friends call me Gookha)

14 05 2010

Jay Bhole Baba ki jay
I have read all letter written by many person. It made me feel a little bit sad reading of Ram Dev words.I have some words to say about the matter. Darshan of Babaji Maharaj/Bhole Baba for any Bhakta is fully depending upon on HIM. I know it very well. As Ram Dev baba is a good businessman , he always keeping (-) ve wards for other saints, He`s eyes always searching money so that he can stay in patanjali yog pit for long run as a king person, though he has done a good job for mankind . Ram Dev can`t understand/Know Babaji Maharaj , as water depending upon the container, similarly ram dev is not fit person to say about babaji. Ram Dev does not know about himself how he can say about babaji Maharaj(the All mighty God).
Baba Ram Dev is nothing but is yaga Master not a saint .
Thanks with regards,

27 05 2010

Om namah Shivai! I love Baba and was at his feet in 1983. I don’t know about all this thinking about what is what and who is who, and which is the most Divine. Truth is in the Heart. Perhaps those who defend so vigorously their ideas of God are following their own inner path to the Heart. There is a saying ‘judge not lest ye be judged’. However I would like to understand something occuring in Herakhan today which seems to go against the feeling of blessed sancity I felt around Baba during those exalted days. Gauhari, a happy and humble soul, and a servant of Babaji I am told is performing goat sacrifices on Gufa side, on Baba’s orders, with Muniraj’s knowledge. If this is true I’d like to understand the tradition at least, because the slaughtering of innocents doesn’t sound like truth simplicity and love. Can someone from Herakhan tell me why this ritual is performed?
Thanks so much and Namaste!

4 06 2010


3 09 2010

Hi, you will find some interesting posts on Babaji in my blog at Babaji never sacrificed or permitted the sacrifice of animals. he was a pure vegetarian. If it is true that someone is doing it they cannot be any devotees of Babaji

27 01 2011
Amit Tiwari

om namah shivay….

I always tried to know some knew things about baba g i cam across to sambsdashiva kunj at vrindavan about 3yrs back and i was a great expirence of my life i was doing baba’sworship on his meerut dham……he protected me somany time and i wanted to some more about kriya yoga …..can you tell me how its works and how we can know about ourself…..who we are….because i am always asking such kind of question to myself……

10 03 2012
raval chirag (BOPAL)


21 03 2012

some will say this and some will say that…how they can say anything about no one and how can they know anything about nothing? it’s up to your heart what to belive and whom to belive.

28 06 2012
pramod pathak

bhole baba ki jay.

10 08 2012

in this earth period all sentient being all in suffer,(not all).spiritual teacher gives us to do mantra yoga-simply practice to do nam jap.many of us in this case heard about Babaji..there is many confused about Him.,who is telling the Truth.the simple answer is that Your Guru is Your soul,and find your answer there,but I know it is not so easy.I will not teling You what I know about Babaji,but Sakhicharan Das is saying the truth.Do your sadhana and try to be more humble in every situation.enlightement

10 08 2012

In this earth period all sentient being all in suffer,(not all).spiritual teacher gives us to do mantra yoga-simply practice to do nam jap.many of us in this case heard about Babaji..there is many confused about Him.,who is telling the Truth.the simple answer is that Your Guru is Your soul,and find your answer there,but I know it is not so easy.I will not telling You what I know about Babaji,but Sakhicharan Das is saying the truth.Do your sadhana and try to be more humble in every situation.enlightenment is coming when you are ready,when we are ready and it is personal.this world seeking spiritual teacher and if your heart is clean and open then right Guru is coming.Herakhan Babaji is one of Them(enlightenment Masters)
In service with Babaji bless my sadhana is kriya yoga and who is having question about this path,contact on:
Hari Om guru namah shivaya
Jay Gurudev

29 07 2013
Isabell Peterson

I every time spent my half an hour to read this website’s articles or reviews all the time along with a mug of coffee.

Thanks! We don’t allow spam, so I removed it.

29 07 2013
Sakhicharan Das

Joy Nitai!

Thanks! We don’t allow spam, so I removed it.

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