The Initiation of Sri Rajani Das

18 08 2009
Sripad Radhacharan Das Babaji Maharaj (Rajani Das)

Sripad Radhacharan Das Babaji Maharaj (Rajani Das)

A desire grew within the heart of Rajani Das to find a Mahapurush and get diksha from him. He felt that he was simply wasting time and his sadhana will not bear fruit unless he can receive the shelter of a sadguru. Rajani Das met Sripad Ramdas Babaji Maharaj in Nabadwip and believed that he was the Mahapurush that he was looking for. Rajani Das stayed for two days in Samaj Bari with Babaji Maharaj and fell under his spell, so to speak as he felt completely enchanted by him. He felt like a doll that would dance to whatever tune Babaji Maharaj played.

He wanted the association of Babaji Maharaj birth after birth, and so he pulled him aside and asked if he could speak to him privately. He humbly asked Babaji Maharaj, “Please don’t keep me at a distance—don’t keep so far from you, bring me close to you.”

Kripamoy Babaji Maharaj mildly smiled understanding the mind of Rajani Das, and what he was trying to say in this simple way. Babaji Maharaj replied, “In that place where you will be spending  your entire life there is a birthday coming soon. I will give you diksha on that day.”  Rajani Das said, “Prabhu, you are still keeping some distance between us. I don’t understand what you are telling me, please don’t speak so ambiguously.”

Babaji Maharaj then said, “You are the Nitya-Dasi of Sri Brindavanesvari Vrishabhanu Raja-nandini  Srimati Radharani.  I was speaking of Her birthday. I will give you diksha on Radhashtami which is tomorrow. In the morning take your bath in the Suradhuni Ganga, put on fresh cloth and meet me in Sri Sri Radharaman’s Samadhi Griha.”

Rajani Das was overjoyed! He spent the entire night tossing and turning, unable to sleep thinking about his good fortune and the special day just ahead of him. In the morning he went to the Suradhuni at Sribas Angan ghat for his bath. He was thinking how Mahaprabhu placed His lotus-feet in these very same waters and how fortunate he was to be taking bath there now. After bathing he quickly returned to Samaj Bari where he changed his cloth and went to the Samadhi of Sri Radharaman Charan Dev.

When he arrived at the Samadhi Griha he saw that others were there waiting to be initiated.  Babaji Maharaj saw him and motioned that he come inside. Babaji Maharaj had him sit face to face with him and asked him to hold out his hands. Babaji Maharaj then held the hands of Rajani Das  for some moments and then breathed the diksha mantras in his ears including “Nitai Gaura Radhey Shyam Hare Krishna Hare Rama.”

Rajani Das describes his experience: “When he held my hands I could feel a tremendous spiritual energy flowing from him to me. So much shakti! My hairs were standing on end. I felt like my body was a ship previously being tossed about by violent waves, but that now has been taken to safe waters and anchored securely. I thought of these verses.

brahmANDa bhramite kona bhAgyavAn jIva |
guru-kRSNa-prasAde pAya bhakti-latA-bIja ||

Wandering througout the universe a greatly fortunate jiva, by the mercy of guru and Krishna receives the seed of the creeper of divine love.

saMsAra bhramite kona bhAgye keha tare |
nadIra pravAhe yena kASTha lAge tIre ||

The jivas are wandering throughout the universe. By good fortune a soul may get deliverance from samsara, just like a big log floating down a river may get stuck on one of its banks.

During the process of receiving the mantras I felt a super-consciousness. I could barely function and even needed help leaving the room. In my heart there was such incredible spiritual enjoyment…like the sound of a hundred vinas playing the most beautiful melodies and the enjoyment in my heart came to my eyes as a steady stream of tears. I was in such disbelief! Gurudeva! What did you give to me? I knew I was coming to receive diksha and you know what it it like when you go to get something—it is never quite what you had hoped for. In this case I couldn’t believe what I got! Gurudeva! What did you give to me? I can’t believe what I just received! I am in an ocean of nectar, nectar, nectar and nothing else! I could realize at that time what a mad man I previously was. Mad with my dry knowledge and proud too! But today by your kripa Gurudeva you have fully captured me heart and soul. And where did you take me? You took me to huge lake filled with love. You took me to the sarovar of prema for Sri Sri Radhey Shyam.




3 responses

21 08 2009

Jai Nitai. Thank you. The mere possibility of hearing such katha makes this life worth living.

31 08 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

What can I say?

Jai Guru! Sri Guru! Jai Guru! Sri Guru! Jai Guru! Sri Guru!

24 09 2013
Ashoka Harichandan

My life also, is worth living. Please continue…

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