Ma Chandi of Cuttack

17 08 2009

Jai Ma!

In 2007 I was in Cuttack to visit Sripad Baya Baba’s ashram and Ras Bihari Math and we also took darshan of the famous Ma Chandi of Cuttack. Photos are not allowed, but the pujaris have a friendly relationship with the sadhus of our lineage so they permitted me to quickly take a photo.

Ma Chandi of Cuttack

Ma Chandi of Cuttack

There is a story about Ma Chandi and her appearance there.  The land where the Mandir is now located used to be a field in which Sri Hansa Panda, the priest of the King of Kanika, would let his cows graze. One day Hansa Panda was feeling sleepy so he layed down on a small hill to take a little rest and he experienced a stange sensation while lying there. That night Ma Chandi appeared to him in a dream and she asked to be dug out of the ground.  Hansa Panda told the King the whole story and with the King’s help the digging began the next day. It is said that 40 bullock carts of sindoor were removed from the hole before the deity of Ma Chandi was finally revealed. A temple was built on the same location and Sri Hansa Panda began her worship with great care and love.

She has four arms and she carries a pAza (noose), and an aGkuza (iron goad with a hook) in two hands and the other two hands are in the posture of the mudras, bara (awarding a boon), and abhaya (protecting from harm). Etymologically the word “Chandi” means fierce or violent and forcefully so. She is a loving Mother, but a wild killer. Her loving motherly side makes her intolerant of those who are hostile to her human and divine children. With all her strength she destroys the demon of darkness that impedes the evolution of her creation and the revelation of Divine Light.  Jai Ma!




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18 03 2010


31 05 2010
Madhusmita Rautray

maa is always tray to protected her baby isthe eyes of any harmful enegy. so i love her much till my death. And i wiss to remember to all moments in my way . and i always fill that maa is present in all moments in my lief . So that i will be able to happy in all moments. so i love my maa .

10 02 2011
halley goswami

excellent . i find the bhava of ancient gaudiya dharma in your posts . strictly devoted to krishna . and yet so loving towards all others .

what a pity that most modern revivalist movements within gaudiya fold has lost this trait along with countless others ! :(

jai maa , radhe radhe

7 04 2011


19 07 2011
jyoti thakur

nice photos

25 09 2011


8 06 2012

It’s really very excellent in all respect.

18 05 2013
Chandi ma

Jai ma chandi rani

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