Disappearance day of Pandit Srimad Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji Maharaj

16 08 2009
Sri Sri 108 Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji Maharaj

Sri Sri 108 Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji Maharaj

Today is the tirobhav of  Sri Sri 108 Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji Maharaj Pancha Tirtha.

He took birth in Orissa and in his early life he received diksha from Sripad Ramdas Babaji Maharaj and was instructed by him to serve at Sri Path Bari Ashram in Baranagar.  After some time he went to Brindavan to study the Bhagavata and other Vaisnava sastras under the guidance of Sri Radhacharan Das Babaji (Rajani Baba). When his studies were complete he moved back to Path Bari Ashram. Sripad Ramdas Babaji Maharaj started the publication of a monthly Vaisnava magazine titled, Sri Sri Nitaisundar and  Vaisnavacharan Jetha was a major contributor to the magazine. He was a highly learned Sanskrit scholar and received the title Pancha Tirtha for his erudition.  He was famous for his Bhagavat katha and was deeply loved by thousands of friends, admirers, and disciples. He entered nitya-lila in 1987 at Sri Path Bari Ashram.

Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji

Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji

Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji

Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji




6 responses

19 09 2010

10.5 Pandit Vaisnavacharan Das Babaji Maharaj

20 09 2010
Sakhicharan Das

It is quite fine Indiariaz. I am happy to see you spreading this around.

24 09 2010

Very nice to see these wonderful Holy persons with pictures and bios. Thank you Sakhi. Sri Vaishnav Caran Dass Babaji Maharaj was such a beautiful Sadhu through and though, a fine example of a great Caitanya Vaishnav, very humble, clear and present……. unpresumtious. I use to love meeting him from time to time in Braja and to those who do not know that his Sisya is continueing his work at Pathbari Ashram.

25 09 2010
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

If any of my little efforts here are pleasing to the Vaisnavas, then I feel quite blessed. You are certainly quite blessed by the fact that you got to personally meet so many elevated Vaisnavas. If you have any particular memories of interacting with Sripad Vaisnava Charan Baba, please share them with us.

24 09 2013
Ashoka Harichandan

Sakhi he was a great friend of Baya Baba. I will dig up stories and pictures for I grew up seeing Him with My Baba…

27 09 2013
Sakhicharan Das

Joy Nitai!

I didn’t know they were friends. I am anxious to hear the stories and see the pictures!

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