Drishti Dan Lila ~ a lila painting at Narahari Gaura Kunja

9 07 2009

Jaya Gora!

Here is the last of the paintings I have from Narahari Gaura Kunja. This one illustrates the dRSTi dAn lIlA.

Drishti dan lila ~ Virachadra Prabhu restoring sight to a blind man

Drishti dan lila ~ Virachadra Prabhu restoring sight to a blind man

A huge utsav was held at Sri Khanda in honor of Narahari Sarakar’s disappearance. In the evening, aroti was performed at Gauranga Mandir and kirtan began. Flower garlands and sandalwood paste were offered to the khols and karatalas and then to all of the assembled Vaisnavas. An auspicious roar resounded through the air and hundreds of lamps were lit around the compound where the sankirtan was being performed. The entire assembly was enchanted by the wondrous sound of the kirtan. Soon the compound was filled to the brim and all the Vaisnavas had streams of tears flowing down their faces. Demigods decended and mingled as ordinary people and floated in an ocean of happiness while enjoying the kirtan. The Vaisnavas, forgetting their own existence danced madly in kirtan—a kirtan which mesmerised the entire universe.

Nityananda’s son, Sri Virabhadra was in attendance and whoever saw his dancing forgot all their miseries. He was dancing so beautifully that the Vaisnavas lamented having only two eyes with which to watch his astonishing dance. A blind man who was listening to the kirtan asked another man what the name of the dancer was. When he heard Virabhadra, he thought that the name had the power to remove all the evils from the world. Vira means, “destroying the wicked,” and bhadra means, “protecting the good.” In his mind he lamented being blind and therefore unable to see the dancing of Virabhadra Prabhu. He silently begged the Lord to cure his blindness. His crying reached the heart of Virabhadra Prabhu who glanced affectionately at the man. Suddenly the blind man’s vision was restored and he became overwhelmed with joy. The glory of Sri Virabhadra was recognized by a huge ovation.




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