Murchita Mukunda ~ a lila painting from Narahari Gaura Kunja

2 07 2009

Jaya Gora!

As is mentioned in Caitanya Mangal, by Lochan Das and perhaps elsewhere as well, is the story of mUrchita mukunda, or the story of Mukunda overwhelmed by ecstatic joy. I took a photo of this painting in the courtyard of Narahari Gaura Kunja in Baradanga.

Murchita Mukunda ~ Mukunda lost in a state of rapture

Murchita Mukunda ~ Mukunda lost in a state of rapture

Mukunda Das/Sarakar was a vaidya in the court of the bAdazAha, the Muslim ruler Hussein Shah. One day he was seated before the Hussein Shah and was preparing some prescriptions for medicine. A servant of the Muslim ruler came in with a fan made of peacock feathers to fan the Shah. When Mukunda saw the peacock-feather fan he swooned in ecstacy and fell on the ground. The peacock feathers reminded him of Krishna and he therefore fainted. The Shah wondered what happened to Mukunda. He thought perhaps he had died. The Shah went to Mukunda and sprinkled water on his face, and after a little while Mukunda regained consciousness.

The Shah asked, “What happened to you? Why did you fall? You could have been hurt.”
Mukunda said, “No, bAdazAha, I am not injured.”
The Shah asked, “Why did you fall down?’
Mukunda said, “O my lord, I have a disease known as mRgI-vyAdhi. Sometimes my head reels and I fall down.”

Hussein Shah was not fooled by Mukunda’s response and could understand that he was a great Vaisnava and as a favor freed Mukunda from his service.




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