Journey to Sri Khanda, Sri Pat of Narahari Sarkar–Baradanga Pt. 2

25 06 2009

Jai Nitai! Jai Gora! Jai Narahari!

Dilip Raya Goswami showed us around Narahari Gaura Kunja and told some lila katha about Narahari and Raghunandan Thakur. Raghunandan was Narahari’s nephew and in an upcoming post I will show a murti of his mother holding the newborn Raghunandan in her lap. The principal preachers of Gaura paramya vada and Gaura nagari vada were Raghunandan and two disciples of Narahari, Lochan Das and Lokanandacharya. On the premises there is a monument erected showing the place where Lochan Das wrote his famous book, Caitanya Mangal.  Just outside of the premises is a very old and very huge banyan tree that is worshipped as Yogamaya by the Sri Khandavasis.




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