Radha kunda evening of June the 22nd

22 06 2009

Jai Radhey!

Tonight there was a special appearance of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Kumari Mayawati. She flew over Radha kunda in a helicopter several times and showered rose petals over the kunda and the devotees. This event attracted large crowds of people.




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23 06 2009

Thank you Sakhicharan for posting these pictures. There have been quite a few reports of this event on the web, and they are all appreciated, but yours seems to be one the most soulful and heartfelt. Great service, again thank you very much!

24 06 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

Thank you for the kind comment Radharaman Ji. If any Vaisnava feels pleasure while reading this blog, then I have been successful.

27 06 2009
brian babaji

Radhe Radhe :-)

Thank you Sakhicharan. I just found this now because Advaita Das posted a photo of Kankan Kund.
I feel pleasure :-( and I haven’t even clicked on the pictures to see the big ones yet.

19 05 2010

radha kund, giri goverdhan madhur madhur vanshi baaje ahi vrindavan

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