Radhakund samskar evening of June 20

20 06 2009

Jai Jai Sri Radhey!

Despite Nagara Sri Krishna’s endeavours, Srimati’s mana was not broken. She just stubbornly sat there, covering her head with her veil. The rejected Nagara thought of different means to break Srimati’s mana. Suddenly it came to him, “Aho! I am standing on the bank of Sri Radhakund! By the grace of the kunda I will be showered with the grace of Sri Kundesvari!”

In this way some glimmer of hope illuminated the desperate heart of Krishna. He bathed in Sri Radhakund, picked flowers from the trees and vines on its banks and kneeled on the jewelled steps leading down to the kunda. The flowers he collected were moistened with the tears of his love and he gently threw them into the kunda with devotion as an offering. He made obeisances to the kunda and prayed. “O Sri Radhakund! May I get the merciful glance of your Isvari by your grace!” One sakhi who witnessed the activities of Nagara Krishna ran to Srimati’s kunja and told her of Krishna’s loving seva to her kunda. This made tears of compassion trickle from her lotus-like eyes. The sakhis understood that Srimati was pleased with Krishna again, and her mana was broken so they quickly brought him to her kunja. Kundesvari being pleased with this servant of her kunda cast a merciful glance filled with love upon him. Nagara Krishna understanding that his service of the kunda was successful, considered himself blessed and the sakhis and manjaris were also blessed by seeing the sweet meeting of the Yugal.




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25 01 2012

Great images–thanks for posting these, and very interesting blog.

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