Mahanam Angan at Raghunathpur

4 06 2009

Jai Nitai!

During our recent stay at Sri Path Bari ashram in Baranagar, Subrata Ji took us to Mahanam Angan for darshan and to shop at the bookstall. In his later years Mahanambrata Brahmacari stayed here and did bhajan. His purna samadhi is located here. The bookstall was nicely stocked, and I purchased a few books. I bought Bhajan-Pujan Mala, by Jagadbandhu Sundar Prabhu that is a good accompaniment to another book he penned titled, Sankirtan Padamrta, that I acquired a month earlier. I also bought Lila Smaran O Asvadan, by Mahanambrata Brahmacari and a book titled, Lord Jagadbandhu, by Prof. Sukhendu Dutta which is written in English. The altar is stunning featuring the Sri Murti of Bandhusundar as well as that of Nitai Gaura, Radhey Shyam, and Gaura Vishnupriya. Beautiful!




One response

21 07 2012

jay jagadbandhu..pravusundar is not in guru pranali..but he called ‘guru varg’..plz explain..i can’t the meaning..may connet I with facebook ??

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