Dada Mosai and Natua Gora

9 05 2009

Jai Sacinandan! Jai Gaura Hari!
Bishnupriya Prananath Nadiyabihari!

In The Life of Love Dada Mosai (Sri Radharaman Charan Das Dev Babaji Maharaj) mentions that whenever he thinks of Mahaprabhu in his mind He looks just like Natua Gora that is worshipped at Hari Sabha in Nabadwip. I took the following pictures on Gaura Purnima 2009. The image of Dada Mosai was taken at his purna samadhi at Samaj Bari and Natua Gora at Hari Sabha, about a ten minute walk away.




5 responses

9 05 2009

Joy Nitai!
Fantastic job,
why dont you even mention something about sakhi maa over the holi or other festival…
If you need anything, i have some pics and data to help you out
joy nitai

9 05 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!

Thanks Neelmadhav. I have been wanting to post about Sakhi Ma. What pics and data do you have? I am very interested to find everything I can about her.

9 05 2009

Jay Nitai!
if possible get a hand on her life history named lalita sakhi, i have some of the pictures of annakut at samaj bari last years. if you want i can write a brief note with it and send it to you.

9 05 2009
Sakhicharan Das

Jai Nitai!
Jai Sakhi Ma!

I would love to get those pictures from you. I just sent you an email. It will be easier to communicate that way.

27 07 2009

************BHAJO NITAI GAUR RADHE SHYAM******************
************JAPO HARE KRISHNA HARE RAM *******************
Jai Nitai,

Dear Sakcharana
First of all accept my heartfelt dandvat from me.
You have really made patikis like me greateful by posting this pictures, Ohhh soooo beautiful are these pictures of sri sri nitai gaur and sri radharaman ( dada mosai).
I am really really indebted for your so valuable and important work you have done.
I would also be delighted if you could post some pictures of sri sri radharaman(dada mosai) during his ABHIRBHAV TITHI. ( 14 th april).


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