Babaji Maharaj and Sri Krishnaprem at Munger

4 05 2009

The following is taken from a booklet titled, His Divine Grace – A brief life history of Sripad Ramdas Babaji Mahasay. It is distributed by Sri Nityananda Janmasthan.

In 1932 Babaji Maharaj (Sripad Ramdas Babaji Maharaj) was in Munger to attend a conference of Vaisnavas. The conference began December 29. Babaji Maharaj was there on invitation from Maharaj Raghu Nandan Prasad Singh. Also present was Sri Krishnaprem, who prior to diksha from Yasoda Ma, was known as Ronald H. Nixon.
About noontime on the first day of the conference, Sri Krishnaprem delivered a lecture on Sri Siksastakam in the presence of about 10,000 devotees. The next day he came to Babaji Maharaj for darshan, and instantly Krishnaprem fell at Babaji Maharaj’s feet and his face flushed red for some time.
The same evening Sri Krishnaprem delivered a lecture on Bhakti Dharma in the Garrett Club in the presence of 10-12,000 devotees. Babaji Maharaj was also present and was much satisfied to hear his lecture.
On December 31, 1932, the last day of the conference, Babaji Maharaj came to know that Sri Krishnaprem was deeply engrossed in Nam Kirtan. Babaji Maharaj opened the window of his room and saw him chanting Mahamantra while playing karatal. Tears were flowing down the cheeks of Sri Krishnaprem and his body was trembling. Krishnaprem noticed Babaji Maharaj watching from his window and made a dandavat to him from there. Babaji Maharaj returned the dandavat and told all the people in his room that not much can be expected from the people of our country. People would believe foreigners. One must be born in a foreign land. This was His wish, otherwise how could such things happen? Babaji Maharaj then said, “Seeing him one enjoys the all encompassing mercy of Sri Nitaichand and one is reminded of Mahaprabhu’s saying –

prthivite jata Ache nagarAdi grAm
sarbatra pracAr hoibe mora nAm




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